KOLOSSEA SUPERYACHTS EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL is committed to provide unique journeys that can electrify the senses, grow the mind and cultivate the heart of the sophisticated traveler.

Welcome to our World of "Superyachts Experiential Travel" which will alter your perceptions and change the way you Travel. We are like a movement that differentiates itself, moving away from standard tourist itineraries to private tailor-made journeys which are stimulating and offer true to life experiences. The difference lies in what you do, rather than just what you see. You live the experience and not just look at it. It’s all about authentic cultural immersion and meaningful engagement with the place you are visiting, its people, cuisine, history, culture, art, heritage, lifestyle and customs.

We provide you with the most incredible and complete Superyacht Travel Experience which begins with your initial contact with our travel firm. We give you access to the vast knowledge of our internal travel designers who are at your full disposal. From the moment you contact us to after you return home, we ensure that your voyage is original, perfectly planned, and one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your wishes and needs.
It is our quest to unlock the extraordinary treasures of ravishing lands and skillfully unleash its wonders into the lives and souls of our welcomed guests. With travel designs beyond the ordinary we only wish you to Live the beauty, history, culture and mythology in the most sophisticated and imaginary setting of the World.

A Luxury Superyacht Charter offers all you could imagine and more, from absolute Relaxation to Breathtaking Adventure and Treasured family moments. It is the "ULTIMATE ESCAPE".
Let us understand your travel style and your desires, and we'll design your "Memorable Experiential Journey".

Why Choose Kolossea Experiental Travel?

..Beyond the Extraordinary


  1. Our clients have been choosing to use our professional services since 1980. Here are some of the reasons why:


  1. - Our focus, commitment and ability to offer Private, Experiential & Tailor Made Holidays.
  2. - Our global connections & personal relationships with local travel experts & specialists.
  3. - We offer a personal touch and focus on attention to detail. We design experiences for individuals and not masses.
  4. - Our portfolio covers all possible inspirations for you to travel, explore and discover the world.
  5. - Our destination collection goes beyond the ordinary & established ones.
  6. - Our ability to understand our clients and their needs is what makes us different. We continue to think outside of the box to present fresh ideas and for us nothing is too much trouble and client satisfaction is paramount.
  7. - Last but not least – WE BELIEVE IN VALUE: Our quality of service, attention to detail, commitment and expertise makes our propositions of great value for your money, which is hard to beat.


  • ........And much more!

Proven Results

we are Proud of:

Customer Satisfaction: 99%
Weeks Chartered in 2019: 260
Destinations: 250
External Suppliers: 160
Superyachts for Charter: 80

What we Do and How we Do it

Inspiring - Authentic - Bespoke

Experiential Yachting

Experiential Yachting is all about going beyond sightseeing by immersing oneself and becoming a part of the moment being experienced. The engagement is so profound that your travel experience leaves you enriched and rejuvenated at a deeper level.

One connects with the ethos of the place in such a wonderful manner that it helps unwind and rediscover yourself.

We call this high-end experiential travel, and is always combined with an unbeatable and exceptional mix of hospitality, luxury concierge services, where Quality and Value are the keystones of our Success.

Superyacht Chartering

“We are Mavericks” and as a specialist Superyacht Charter operator we offer tailor made private and experiential holidays crafted around your schedule, interests and budget. The journeys are henceforth memorable, unforgettable and often life changing. Our customized vacations can be designed for one person, a couple, family or a private group of friends and family.

  • Our destination collection goes beyond the ordinary & established ones. It also includes remote, exotic, exclusive & emerging options. If a destination is worth an experience it will surely find a way into our list sooner or later. We do not only follow the demand trends, but also create it.

Travel Design

We understand that every client is different, which is why we do not offer “please all” off-the shelf packaged holidays. We are “Private Superyachts Travel Designers” bringing creativity into our bespoke journeys. We spend time to listen to you, understand your interests, preferences, expectations and even guide you through an inspiration, in case you are not yet decided on where exactly you want to go.

We then get to design your “Private Journey” including expert guides, private transfers, cohesive sightseeing and distinctive accommodation to rest your head at the end of the day.

Bespoke Packages

Our holidays come in all shapes and sizes, all tailor-made offering both emerging and established destinations and also a varied collection of travel inspirations to suit a wide spectrum of interests amongst travelers. We are not like an average holiday company selling packages or standardized per-designed products, we have the ability and connections to design and execute almost anything you can imagine in the World of Bespoke, Exclusive & Experiential Travel and Private Journeys.

  • Our portfolio covers all possible inspirations for you to travel, explore and discover the world. This includes Safari & Wildlife Holidays, Wellness & Spa, Honeymoon, Celebrations/Special Occasions, Culinary & Wine, Family, Beach, Cruises & Private Yachts, Train Journeys, Adventure, Private Jet Journeys, Ski & Villas.

Customer Care

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business.

Our ambition is to be a life-time partner to our Customers by combining simplicity and innovation with empathy and care along the entire customer journey, at all touchpoints and channels.

We take care of our customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer's requirements are met.

Thats why our customers are loyal, return again and again and most importantly, recommend us to others – acting as ambassadors of our Company, our Yachts, our Products and our Services.

In the world of Yachting, you could have no better qualified or trustworthy partner than KOLOSSEA SUPERYACHTS EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL.


We have established relationships with world’s finest and leading names in hospitality, travels, events, sport activities and other professionals in the maritime industry. Our portfolio is different from the rest as we partner with suppliers which offer characteristic activities or accommodations.

Our global connections with local experts & specialists renowned for designing and providing life-enriching holidays, private tour guides, reliable & suitable transports (Private Jets, Helicopters, Limousines), Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Retreats, SPA etc. has an unlimited Value for your Journey.

  • They are our business associates and act as our extended team on the ground. Their local knowledge, connections, personal touch, passion, accolades and ability to execute the finest holiday experiences is what sets them different and unique.

Travel your Passion with us

Superyachts journeys across the globe with Excellence

At KOLOSSEA SUPERYACHTS EXPRIENTIAL TRAVEL we strive to raise the industry standard, approaching every Experience as an opportunity for Creativity and Originality!

Exceptional Service!

We take care of you and we leave nothing to chance. Our service begins the moment you contact us and lasts throughout the design and booking process and well after your trip. Our knowledge and widespread network of insiders and experts allows us to craft and deliver lifetime journeys. Our multilingual and multicultural team is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are known for credibility, reliability and originality.

Purely Original!

Our approach of crafting and delivering each journey is purely original. We start with our attentive research and reconnaissance to reveal the hidden gems of a destination, that best match your personal preferences. Once we have your consent on a proposed travel idea, we go deeper into critical details to create a customized itinerary that really inspires you. It is original, inventive, well positioned and carefully balanced. Close attention to practical matters ensures a smooth-running as well as an enriching experience. All the Superyachts, Experiences and accomodations we recommend - all over the world - are evaluated annually in-person to ensure they comply with our Standards of Excellence.


Making a Difference!

We believe travel can be driving force for good in the local communities. Close attention to practical matters ensures smooth-running. We are devoted to the highest standards of sustainable travel, in every one of our premiere destinations. By working with local people, resorts and hotels, and all type of professionals we guarantee that your travel spending goes directly into the local economy and makes a real difference.

Handpicked Accommodations!

Accommodation is so much more than just a place to lay your head and we strongly believe in the importance of selecting the right Superyacht accommodation tailored to your needs and interests. Accommodation on board our SuperYacht Charter is absolutely second to none. Finished in stunning interior décor with luxurious upholstery of the highest calibre, guests will have no difficulty when it comes to winding down in ultimate privacy and unparalleled style. Every Superayacht we recommend meets the highest Standards of Quality, Luxury and Comfort. From farm-to-tables meals, to extensive pillow menus to VIP turn-down services, we go the extra mile to find the indeleble touches sure to make your Vacation your "BEST VACATION".

One Team

With Great BIG Talents!

Our Leadership Team and our Employees are our Greatest Asset and form the foundation of our Success. Our people make us different through their focus on service and their dedication to achieve it. Their enthusiasm and expertise creates Value for our clients and enables our Company to Grow.


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Satisfied Customers


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