Meet Isabel Alfano

Marketing & Communication Director

#Isabel Alfano

About Isabel


I have always focused my attention and studies on cultural insights and management, that means not only languages and habits but in-depth understanding of consumers' needs within a nowadays context of cultural diversity and technological innovation. In that respect, in all my work experiences, I have tried to develop new ideas for consumers in terms of products and services based on the cultural, experiential and emotional insight of the potential user/consumer, always keeping a strong committment to make things happen and to develop a collaborative pattern of interaction and growth. Analogue-to-Digital interaction for path-finding and anti-segregation design to support social needs and social entrepreneurship by developing and testing new business models.
In that respect, I have been involved as key player in many strategic projects : from automotive to sports, from tourism and entertainment to FMCG, in large companies as well as in start-ups.

My goal is the constant improvement of the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of market communication by advertising, market analysis, trade shows and PR. I coordinate between the business functions and departments involved, ensuring good team work and information exchange and establish valuable long-term relationships with partners, suppliers and clients. To be always up to date and to interact professionally in the dynamic marketing industry, I am eager to continue my studies, e.g. through online communication training courses. 

Specialties: Strategy and Innovation, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Start-Ups, Consumer Insight and Product Development, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Branding & Licensing, Content Creation, Open Data.