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I am a strategic and inspirational leader who is intellectually curious, creative and pragmatic.
I am politically astute, bold and values driven. I naturally build and maintain diverse networks.
I am highly effective working across organisational boundaries to achieve shared goals.
I thrive operating in complex environments.
I am confident distilling, analyzing and applying data.
I demonstrates a high degree of emotional intelligence.
I have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of multifaceted businesses.

Thirty years experience in Marketing, Purchasing, Maritime Industry, Yacht Brokerage & Charter, Destination Marketing, Experiential Tourism.

Loyalty. Passion. Determination. Perseverance. Creativity. Concreteness. These are the values in which I believe, on which my work and my life are based. Always looking for new stimuli, I love turning brilliant ideas into concrete goals, giving substance to shapes and words, transforming them into actions and winning results. I like to find solutions quickly.

Having worked in different Industry sectors, known different places, cultures, People, and Professionals around the word, has strengthened in me the belief that in life we must always aspire to a more professional and personal growth. No matter about Age and Experience got so far.

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Bio About Stefano

PROCTER & GAMBLE HOLDING S.R.L.                            April 1988 – April 2014

During the 27 years I spent at Procter & Gamble Italia, I was the architect of great innovations in the business and organizational strategies of the Marketing Purchasing division. In my professional career, I held positions of increasing responsibility within the P&G Group, gaining a great international experience. My functions and my skills put me at the center of a dense network of relationships with various partners and collaborators, right in the heart of the marketing and commercial gears of various companies and multinational agencies. I develop and implement the best operational solutions, to achieve the most profitable business strategies to increase the company's profits. Through the organization and management of research, i identify the characteristics of the market and assist the top management of the company, engaged in planning strategies, providing them with the continuous updating of data and contributing to the review of business offer plans. During my internal career I moved to different departments and roles up to my last experience in EMEA Purchasing & Governance. Most of my career has developed into the role of Corporate Marketing Group Manager. Below is a brief summary of my Professional Path in P & G:

2008-2012 - EMEA ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING (Marketing, Events, Talents/Ambassadors/Celebrities, Sport, Music)


SENSUS FABER SRL                                                     April 2014 – January 2016

At Sensus Faber I was an external Marketing Consultant. In this Marketing Director role I did generated a number of proven Entertainment Marketing strategies that connected brands directly to the consumers. By using creative processes, I developed programs which included elements such as Events, Celebrities & Ambassadors, Artists, Sport talents, Music, PR, integrated marketing, paid ads, influencer campaigns, media coverage, branded products and more. I have initiated and maintained deep-rooted contacts within the music, gaming, film, fashion and television industries that is needed to ensure successful results.

ELEVEN MARKETING S.R.L.                                          June 2016 – September 2017

I worked at Eleven Marketing, a sub agency of the global Platinum Rye Entertainment Company, that specializes in the entertainment industry, namely with Celebrities, Sport Talents, Musicians, and Event/Production houses.

My position was as Celebrities Account Manager. A lot of my work involved research and contractualization of best Celebrity and Ambassadors for famous Brands (Wella, Swisse, Dash, Pantene, H&S, Toyota, etc etc). I worked with so many Celebrities and Ambassadors during my carrer. Few examples are Beckam and Cannavaro for Gillette, Pellegrini for H&S, Buscemi and Marchisio for Swisse, Brumotti and Palmas for Toyota, etc etc with so many others. I am proud to say that I loved and still love this job and I know without a doubt that this is my calling in life. Not everyone can work in the entertainment industry or in marketing, but it is the perfect fit for my personality.

OCEAN INDEPENDENCE                                              September 2016 - September 2018

At Ocean Independence, my role as Yacht Charter Broker was to offer to very famous Celebrities, VIPS, Entrepeneurs, access to pleasure-seeking adventure and a means to escape, to travel the globe. Whether they wished to board seeking a new thrill or with an ardour for the aquatic, they did inevitably return with a lifelong passion for Yachting. One of the fastest-growing companies in the luxury-yachting sector, Ocean Independence has the largest crewed charter fleet in the world. Founded over a decade ago, Ocean Independence lives up to its reputation, with 16 offices worldwide forming a dynamic network encompassing some 24 nationalities. As Luxury Charter Broker Director I did offer an unrivalled range of charter Superyachts to choose from. Whatever type of charter our clients were looking for, I did find it for them. I selected them from the extensive range of SuperYachts available to rent across a range of exclusive destinations worldwide including: the Western Mediterranean; the Eastern Mediterranean; the Caribbean & Bahamas; North America; the Indian Ocean; Southeast Asia; the South Pacific; and many others. I was always happy to work with my clients on every step of the way to create an inspiring and extraordinary Yacht charter experience.

KOLOSSEA SHIPS & YACHTS SRL                                April 2015 - August 2018

Marketing Director & Yacht Broker (as well as the Founder) of the KOLOSSEA SRL, an Italian Company that i have personally founded and designed for Ships & Luxury SuperYachts Charter and Travels for Celebrieties, VIPS, Brand Ambassadors and Entrepeneurs. Kolossea Ships & Yachts is an official-duly licensed Company enrolled in the “Register of Ship & Yacht Brokers” (so called Mediatori Marittimi in Italy) held by the Italian Chamber of Commerce.