Add a touch of magic to your Yacht holiday

There are life-changing experiences on a Superyacht that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Certainly, there’s a glamour and luxury to these floating mansions that can’t be paralleled, but it is the freedom that a Yacht offers, to cast off from your everyday life to explore spectacular places in a spectacular way, that makes them truly special.
A Yacht charter with KOLOSSEA SUPERYACHTS EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL is a fantastic way to experience the best of the world's coastline, pristine white beaches, sparkling azure waters, vividly colored marine life, national parks, secluded bays or dynamic nightlife; the list is endless. Our Yacht charter allows you freedom and choice in some of the most spectacular locations around the world. The biggest Yacht charter locations include the Mediterranean, The Caribbean, Florida Keys, The Bahamas and the Whitsunday Islands, in Australia. CharterWorld also has access to all the best charter boats in exotic locations such as the South Pacific, the Seychelles and Thailand.
The charm of a luxury Yacht charter vacation is undeniable, but only if you get it right. Like all vacations, Yacht chartering requires a certain amount of planning and preparation to optimize success. It needs to be tailored specifically to you. This involves finding and organizing the right Yacht and location for you as an individual and also booking flights and other peripheral travel arrangements. Our charter specialists will use their professional knowledge and experience to organize the best charter vacation smoothly and free of charge.
KOLOSSEA SUPERYACHTS EXPERIENTIAL TRAVEL offers all you could imagine and more, from absolute Relaxation to Breathtaking Adventure and Treasured family moments. It is the "ULTIMATE ESCAPE".
Below are described only few of the Yachting Experiences we provide:

Chill Time

Family Relax


  1. Spend quality time with your loved ones in beautiful surroundings.
  2. A Yacht charter vacation is a wonderful way to spend quality time with family, providing flexibility, freedom and activities perfectly suited to groups of all ages. With water-sports and entertainment systems on board and exciting destinations to explore, a superyacht offers endless adventure for children as well as unsurpassed luxury for adults. Whether snorkelling amongst colourful fish in shallow waters or playing on the inflatables in the wide open waters, you are free to create lasting memories built together in beautiful surroundings. The ability to visit multiple destinations without the inconvenience of moving from one hotel to the next means you can incorporate everyone’s interests into one itinerary. From picnics and games on the beaches of remote islands to exciting cities with new, diverse cultures, both time spent ashore and at sea create unforgettable experiences.





  1. An Expedition Yacht charter allows you the opportunity to experience all the comforts associated with luxury superyacht vacations while embarking on extensive long-range voyages in the far reaches of the globe. Luxury expedition Yachts are synonymous with strength, stability and power, their imposing exterior lines alluding to the feeling of ocean-going ability. Many crewed explorer yachts have been converted to cater to the high demands of the charter market, fitted with the latest in technologies, luxury amenities and interior layouts. This combination of endurance and comfort creates the ideal surroundings for charterers looking to avoids the more developed charter regions and cruise some of the most isolated and exclusive locations in the world. From the fjords of Norway and glaciers of Antarctica to the secluded paradise islands of the South Pacific, you will be amazed at the incomparable experiences on offer with an expedition Yacht. Whether you are a polar explorer, an expert diver, or helicopter enthusiast, you are sure to find the perfect expedition yacht for your adventure.


Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Health & Wellness


  1. Pamper Yourself On Board a Superyacht!
  2. The Mediterranean provides idyllic opportunities to charter our luxury Yacht for the purposes of health and wellness, and any yacht charter itinerary can incorporate bespoke options to leave your body recharged and your soul rejuvenated. Imagine enjoying a yoga session on the sun deck in the magical French Riviera morning light that Matisse and Renoir loved, or listening to the sound of gently lapping waves as you receive a soothing massage on the state deck whilst on an Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter. From occasional body treatments to full-time fitness trainers, you can choose to pamper yourself and take time out, or return to shore in top shape ready to face the world again.Yacht charter guests can integrate a luxury yacht’s equipment such as kayaks, paddle boards, swim aids and exercise equipment into their fitness schedules. On board training can also be combined with land-based activities such as cycling, hiking, or CrossFit and beach sprints.


Natures Beauty

Whale & Dolphin Watching


  1. There are few things as exciting as seeing the Earth’s largest and most majestic mammal breach the ocean’s surface, and few yacht charter experiences that can compare with a whale-watching voyage. One of the advantages of chartering our Yachst with an experienced captain, as opposed to a “commercial” whale watch cruise, is that you not only have all the luxury amenities, but because whale watching could be a hit or miss experience, you also have the “luxury” of being on your own time to find them!
  2. Watching the whales, dolphins, or rays jump out of the water is always an exciting experience for both kids and adults. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget!

Pamper Me

Massages & SPA


  1. There are few things more relaxing than a massage on the sundeck of out luxury Yacht while breathing in the refreshing sea air and soaking up the idyllic surrounds.
  2. Our team of Certified, Licensed, professional SPA therapists have been providing Yacht charter guests with a wide range of massage and luxury onboard treatments.
  3. We believe you deserve the very best in professional service and we pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned over the past years as the yachting industry’s most respected and trusted providers of onboard yacht massage and spa therapies.
  4. All of our therapists are licensed, certified professionals in their chosen fields and have a minimum of 10 years of professional working experience. During your yachting holiday, you can spend your days relaxing and indulging in an array of pampering, therapeutic massage and beauty treatments. Our wide range of onboard professional spa treatments includes: a variety of Massage Therapies including Deep Tissue and Thai Massage; European Facials and Skin Care; Body Treatments; Pedicures and Manicures; Hair styling; Makeup application (Galas and Red Carpet events) and more. Also, on some of our Superyacht there is a steam room or sauna on board, and you can also enjoy traditional Turkish Baths, Body and Exfoliation Treatments.



Hi Tech Adventure



  1. Imagine being deep underwater, exploring shipwrecks and fantastic coral gardens without needing to strap on a dive tank, or even having to get wet. The latest and greatest superyacht toy, the personal submarine, allows our Yacht guests to descend up to 300m while sitting in a state-of-the-art submarine and enjoying panoramic views of the watery deep from inside the clear acrylic dome. The three-person Superyacht "Submarine" has been specially designed to fit on Superyachts, and all come with a luxury leather interior and air-conditioning for comfort and that little bit of Superyacht style! Submarines are the hottest toy on the Superyacht market right now. For those Yacht guests who aren’t advanced divers, the underwater world just got a whole lot bigger and more exciting with the advent of these Superyacht subs. No longer confined to the watery shallows with a snorkel or left back on the yacht, non-diving guests can now descend in their private sub to explore the surreal MS Zenobia shipwreck in Cyprus where fleets of vehicles still remain strapped to the cargo deck, or marvel at the underwater volcanic topography of the Aeolian Islands on our Sicily Yacht Cahrter. On a Norway Yacht charter you might descend into the deep, cold fjords, you could explore an ancient underwater city off Alexandria, or be astonished as your sub lights up a tropical underwater paradise in the Maldives or Caribbean. The possibilities for a Yacht charter with a submarine are astonishing.




Gastronomic Experience

Gourmet Cusine


  1. Dine on the very best gourmet cuisines, cooked and expertly prepared by a world-class Chef! Whilst aboard our Superyachts, prepare to dine on the very best gourmet cuisines, cooked and expertly prepared by a world-class Chef to ensure every bite is tailor-made to perfection. Each of our charter Yacht has a professional on board crew trained in five star service to ensure each meal is catered to the highest possible standard. Whether you prefer formal dining, alfresco lunches or sundeck barbeques, your on board Chef can cater to your every gastronomic delight. From beautifully assembled four course meals to delicious snacks and nibbles, there is no doubt that your food will be nothing but exquisite. With superb service and a personalised menu, the mouth-watering cuisine aboard a superyacht is the epitome of gourmet dining. Before you embark upon our luxury charter, you and your guests will be asked to complete a preference sheet which will itemise in detail any dietary requirements, food allergies and medical conditions that the crew should be made aware of prior to departure. Don’t be shy when mentioning your specific requirements, our Chef is familiar with special requests and will handle your personal preferences such as, vegetarian, gluten free, diabetic friendly and low calorie. So don’t be afraid to be specific. We will satisfy all your Desires.



Play Time

Super Toys


  1. Our luxury charter Yachts provides the perfect opportunity for exhilarating water-based fun for all the family. Over recent years, advances and innovations in superyacht toys and accessories have seen a huge range of toys now available to enjoy, where you are guaranteed hours of fun in spectacular surroundings. On our Yachts you'll find:
  2. - Towable Inflatables
  3. - Windsurfers & Kite Surf
  4. - Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks & Canoes
  5. - Inflatables & Waterparks
  6. - Jet Ski & Waverunners
  7. - Water-Skis, Wakeboards & Kneeboards
  8. - Seabobs
  9. - Superyacht Water Slides
  10. - Floating Pools
  11. - Submarine & Sub Aqua Toys
  12. - and much more.....


Love is in the Air



  1. Our Yacht charter offers you luxury and freedom, intimacy and beauty. What better way to spend your intimate honeymoon than on a beautiful Yacht cruising around some romantic coastal locations of your choice? We provide great honeymoon charters in various parts of the world. Both sailing yachts and motor yachts are equally suited and ideal locations include anything from Europe and the Mediterranean (France, Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Corsica, Spain, Greece etc) to far flung islands in the Caribbean (like St Barts or the Virgin Islands) or the islands of the Indian Ocean, Asia or the Pacific (such as Tahiti). The journey of a new start in life with your partner is ideally matched to the ocean. With a voyage on a honeymoon yacht charter you can experience the majesty of the coastline and its secluded beaches and romantic restaurants or you can enjoy a private dinner onboard the aft deck as the sun goes down. You are free to plan and experience things how you like then and the crew can be always nearby or as discrete as you desire. Choosing and planning for these charter vacations is one of the most romantic ventures for newly-weds. Our honeymoon superyacht charters offer optimal luxury and privacy to suit all your needs. The special person in your life deserves a special holiday getaway after you make your vows to spend all remaining parts of your lives together. A luxury honeymoon yacht charter is a perfect way to make memories together with your spouse which will last all your lifetime.








  1. What better way to spend your holiday on a Yacht, overlooking the gorgeous clear blue waters, with a touch of refreshing sea breeze! Make that holiday come true by pampering yourself to a luxurious treat with Yoga retreats. On our Yachts you can practice Yoga & Pilates in the middle of nature, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There is no better way to start your day than with a swim in the calm sea, followed by a morning Yoga & Pilates workout on the sun deck on board. A week of dedicated Yoga practice is an excellent opportunity to refine your existing practice and if you are new to Yoga the perfect way to get started. The Yoga classes are suitable for all levels of practitioners; everyone is welcome!!! Imagine starting your day with Yoga on the sundeck, breathing in the fresh morning air and watching the sun’s early rays dapple the sea pink. Or meditating on the swim platform, your legs dangling in the cool, soft water, your eyes closed, listening to the lap of water on the hull and the slowing beat of your heart. The mind becomes still, the world falls away. Our Yacht charter is so full of pleasure and relaxation, that it almost forces you to be fully in the moment. After all, when life is this good in the moment you’re living, why would you want to think about anything else?



History Lessons

Culture & Archeology


  1. Noble coastal cities and island empires! Plot a course for the historical Mediterranean and delve in to thousands of years of human development in the 'cradle of civilisation'. Follow in the wake of ancient Greek and Roman mariners on our Yacht Charter vacation to the Europe's cultural hotspots. Spend warm afternoons cruising the mild Ionian, charming Adriatic, and challenging Aegean, under the watchful gaze of ancient ruins and rich heritage.
  2. Our Cultural & Archeological Yacht vacation lets you step back in time and immerse yourself in the history, myth and folklore of your chosen sailing destination. Explore the ancient citadels and spectacular Renaissance palaces of the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik; discover temples, tombs, ruins and historic sites along Greece's Saronic Coast; or see an intoxicating fusion of Roman, Greek, Arab and Norman civilisations of Italy. With so many sites to choose from and destinations to visit, your perfect cultural vacation is right at your fingertips.




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